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Oracle Forums Upgrade

I see that the Oracle Forums have undergone an upgrade this weekend!

Looks like the new points rating system is getting a few people riled up; they’ve lost their golden turnip and have been reduced to “Newbies”! (I’m one of them, but I’m not particularly bothered, really!)

I do have a gripe with the text size, though – it really is quite small, and my eyesight is bad enough at the best of times! Still, seeing as I’m really busy at work at the moment, the amount of time I spend on the forums has dropped dramatically; now it’s lucky if I’m able to go on whilst I’m waiting for my code tests to finish!

I’ve learnt a lot (still am learning) from the SQL and PL/SQL forum, so much so that my mentor referred to me as a SQL expert the other week at work! That’s purely because I’ve picked up a number of tips and tricks for doing things from the forum (or, more accurately, I know how to search the forum, hehe!). It’s definitely worthwhile spending some time there trying to help answer questions if you’re wanting to brush up your SQL skills.