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A dedicated follower of Tom?

Back when I first became an Oracle developer some 5 years ago (that long? Wow, and I still feel like a newbie at times!), I read AskTom daily. It was pretty much my only online source of information (apart from Google and the documentation, of course!).

When I moved to my current job 3 years ago, I discovered people were writing blogs about Oracle. I started reading those, as well as starting to help out on the OTN Forums. My reading of AskTom declined sharply over the first couple of weeks or so I was here (sorry Tom!). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fabulous site and I refer to it often, I just don’t sit and wait for the nuggets of information to appear as obsessively as I used to.

Of course, over that time I have absorbed a lot of Tom’s teaching, not only through his site and blog, but also because a lot of my fellow forum contributers and regular bloggers are advocates of Tom!

Today, Doug said to me (in the midst of some Friday afternoon bantering), “By the way, you might think I’m joking, but you *reek* follower-of-Tom”. I know he didn’t mean it as a compliment (probably something about lack of originality or summat!), but I took it as one anyway.

I have my own thoughts and opinions, and – gasp – I don’t always agree with Tom but, contrary to some people’s opinion, the reason I seem to be so pro-Tom is because my experience has shown him to be correct time and time again. Mind you, Tom isn’t the only one to have helped mould my views on Oracle, SQL and PL/SQL (eg. Jonathan Lewis, Doug, Billy Verreynne and BluShadow to name but a few) but it could perhaps be argued that he has the most catch-phrases *{;-)