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An Explanation for the previous post

At work, I like to help out other people, and one of the areas I know a fair amount about is Toad – where to download it from the servers, how to register to get a licence key, basic installation problems, etc, etc. I’ve worked out how to get myself access to the Quest Support site (veeeeery useful if you haven’t and you do use Toad – you can search for solutions, a bit like Metalink only without the pwetty flash…).

I’ve been using Toad for at least 10 years now, and until I worked in my current job, I worked with the really buggy versions that had memory leaks all over the place. (v8.6 and earlier, from memory) Upgrading to 9.0.1 didn’t really seem to make much difference – multiple crashes, address access violations all over the place, etc per day. However, since I upgraded to v9.6+, Toad has been an awful lot more stable…. I can have it open for days if not weeks with multiple databases connected and it’s fine!

Therefore, I have become used to asking people what their Toad version is, whenever they say they have a problem with Toad. If it’s pre-v9.6, I tell them to install the latest available version.

Of course, a certain Oracle Ace has picked up on this, and now precedes to tease me mercilessly about my propensity to say that phrase (of course, he teases me mercilessly about all sorts of other things too, but that’s par for the course… and of course, I give as good as I get! *{;-) ). Just a shame that LJ doesn’t allow anonymous users to put in their name – I suggest to anyone wanting to comment without creating an LJ sign-in that you use openid to verify who you are; it’ll then pick up the details from whatever account you’ve been verified under.

(eg. if you have a Google account, if you put the identity URL as: https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id it’ll either already recognise you’re signed into your Google account or it’ll ask you to sign in. If you have an account anywhere that supports OpenId, you can use this method if you don’t want to create yet another account – but you will have to find out what the url is to verify your identity!)

So… what’s *your* version of Toad?! *{;-)

Do you use Toad?

If so, what version do you use?