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Do you use Toad?

If so, what version do you use?

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    My TOAD Guru insisted! LOL

  2. Toad Version with full intent – not one later version supported my most used feature: to enable Toad to login from the command line parameters, without having to save the passwords in the Connection screen window. I am running a couple of data exports with this and I simply do not want to save the password 🙁
    But then I have not been using that on 10.1 and I might give it a try 😉

    • I don’t use the command line in Toad (SQL*Plus does me juuuuust fine *{;-) ) so I can’t comment on that side of things, really. I do know that they have made changes in v10 on the scripty side, so maybe it’ll now do what you want?

      I really can’t recommend upgrading to a version that’s 9.6 or higher enough; they’re so much more stable!

      • Funny enough I did not encounter too many problems with stability, so 9.0.1 will have to do until I find the time to test 10.1.

        I am using the command line to export data and send it to anybody who wants to have it – so for example I send an email every day to myself with some data I have to check. So before opening Toad I already know what issues are awaiting me – I am still not sure if thats a good or bad thing 😉

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