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Learning things

So today, I attended Doug Burns’ “10g/11g Performance Analysis – How I learned to love pictures” presentation at work today. Very interesting; I want to get my hands on Grid Control now, and play around with the pretty graphs! It’s a shame that our area’s DBAs are both absent (one’s on holiday I think, the other is unfortunately unwell), so it’ll be a while before I get my grubby little paws on it!

I really enjoyed the presentation – it really didn’t feel like an hour had gone past, but it had *{:-( He kept threatening to keep going until 4 or 5pm on the subject, but I could have quite happily stayed and listened (and learnt!) for that long!

One interesting fact that I wasn’t aware of that cropped up, is that CPU’s only process one instruction at a time. Or at least, that’s how Oracle views it (oh, probably a highly simplified view of things there, but I read the wikipedia article on CPUs and a couple of other pages and I thought it best to stop before my brain leaked out of my ear!), in the case of the multi-instruction per CPU (ie. that just counts as X CPU’s).

I vaguely thought that CPU’s automatically handled several instructions at once, thereby serving several processes at once (ie. the concept of a CPU being 60% busy would be true). Instead, it’s either busy or not busy, and anything that arrives whilst the CPU is busy is put in a queue – akin to going down to the post office and joining the queue. “Please go to window 3 -> -> ->”!

Just goes to show how woefully lacking my general computing knowledge is! It took Doug a while to work out what I was asking about, because that’s such a basic, fundamental thing to know! Still, at least I know now! A day in which you learn something is never a waste!

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  1. Doug is excellent. He has posted couple of blog posts describing the new methods introduced in 10/11g. This whole DBA 2.0 stuff is actually very good once one knows what is happening in the back end and why? Grid Control does a very good job of putting complex issues in the nice looking charts/pictures, a complete transition from what we used to do in back Oracle 8 days(version I started from).

    Happy Grid Controlling 😉 .


    • Yes, it looked very interesting from what Doug showed us – especially how easy it would be to diagnose some issues just from the graphs.

      As soon as our DBA’s come back, I’ll be hassling them to let me know the details of how I can get onto Grid Control!!

  2. Grid Rocks

    Grid Control surely rocks and any Oracle shop with multiple Databases, application servers, RAC, DR is going to simply love it.

  3. Grid Rocks

    Continued from above comment..

    Is grid control installed at your site?

    Fahd Mirza

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